Garrett Metcalf (born July 23, 1998, Waterloo Iowa), more known by his stage name mc met, is an indie culture-based hip hop musician and self-proclaimed "mc". Despite other influences surrounding him, he mainly sticks to his geeky roots and performs under the "nerdcore hip hop" subgrenre. Although sticking with his nerdcore roots, he is still down-to-earth and raw with his lyrics. Before he raps, he has been known to shout words like "mc!", or "okay?!"


Metcalf began producing music as mc met in 2011. He realized his passion for making music in 2009 when he performed Fett's Vette by MC Chris at the middle school in New Hampton, Iowa. He is currently working on an demo album called "The Demo" featuring MC UpsideDown and MC Rockhard in attempt for the three of them to become signed by the underground record label PC Records. But unfortunitly, MC Rockhard quit rapping, and the name changed to "Chip on the Shoulder" with only MC UpSideDown. Other artists are featured on the album like Skidittles ang Grafikal.Edit


MC UpsideDown - A rapper from New Hampton, Iowa. To be featured on The Demo.Edit

MC Rockhard - A rapper from New Hampton, Iowa. To be featured on The Demo.Edit

Grafikal - Member of Paper Cut, and founder of PC Records. Debating to sign mc met, MC UpsideDown, and MC Rockhard after hearing The Demo.Edit

Discogrophy Edit

Chip on the Shoulder - With MC UpSideDown - (to be announced)Edit

Mothership Met - (to be announced)inEdit

Featured OnEdit

Act Natural by Skidittles - Monster Energy (Released March 2012)Edit

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