​Benjamin Traverse Kolk (born March 22nd, 1998, Traverse City, Michigan, USA) More known by his stage name jAmin, is a nerdcore based rapper. Although braught up to be a singer or guitarist (or not even a musicion at all) has stayed true to hip-hop.Edit


jAmin began writing and recording music in his basment in 2011, being jelous of his cousin mc met.


mc metEdit

jAmin's cousin who inspired him to become a rapper.


A rapper that jAmin collaberated with in his dabut album "Entrpriz"


A rapper who's collaberation will be featured on jAmin 2.0, jAmin's secon'd album

Will, Noah, Zac, & LoganEdit

Freinds of jAmin's that don't even know that they were helping write a song that would be turned into a single, and be featured on "Entrpriz"


A youtuber who made a beat that would be used on jAmin's rerecorded single for "Rejected"

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